Jeff Bezos

It’s hard to overstate the immensity of a $90 billion fortune.

On Friday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos became the richest person in the world after third-quarter earnings sent the company’s stock soaring.

In addition to founding the online retail behemoth, Bezos owns The Washington Post and an aerospace company, Blue Origin.

Below, check out seven mind-blowing facts about Bezos and his billions.

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Bezos’ net worth jumped $6.44 billion in a matter of hours.

Amazon shares jumped more than 8% after the company reported third-quarter earnings on October 26, each share rising by about $79.64 from the previous day’s close.

Bezos, as CEO of the company, owns about 81 million shares of Amazon stock according to a recent SEC filing. A little back-of-the-envelope map means he made $6.44 billion in a single day, putting his net worth just over $90 billion.


Bezos makes more money in one minute than the average millennial makes in a year.

In the last year alone, Bezos made $19.3 billion.

That equals out to about $52 million per day, over $2 million per hour, and $36,000 a minute, or close to the average millennial salary.

Warren Buffett was worth $30 billion when Bezos became a billionaire — now the Amazon founder is richer.

Bezos became a billionaire in 1998, when Amazon went public. At the time, Buffett was the second richest person in the US, with a net worth of nearly $30 billion

Nearly 20 years later, Bezos is about $9 billion richer than Buffett. 

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