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There’s a reason Maine is often called “Vacationland.” Though the winters are bitterly cold, during the summer and fall the state’s coastal cities buzz with tourists looking to make the most of the state’s beaches, harbors, and growing culinary scene.

Portland, especially, has become a destination for food-loving travelers, with innovative local restaurants like Eventide, with its 12 varieties of Maine oysters, and the wildly popular sandwich shop Duckfat.

Maine is an enormous state packed with towns worth visiting, but for the purpose of this story, we’re focusing on what you can get done in a summer weekend in Portland, the state’s biggest city. 

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Portland is a city of roughly 65,000 people on the southern coast of the state.

Portland is about an hour-long flight away from New York City, or a two-and-a-half-hour train ride from Boston.

Much of the city’s tourist activity is centered in the Old Port, which has plenty of boutiques, restaurants, and bars.

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