Wall Street Money Never Sleeps Shia

Internship season has wrapped up on Wall Street, and young financiers have headed back to school with all the new skills and knowledge they picked up over the summer.

Of course, banks can also learn a thing or two from the young people they hire for a summer.

Goldman Sachs on Thursday released the firm’s second annual survey of its global summer intern class. Sixty-nine percent of the firm’s 2,500 summer analysts responded to the survey, according to a spokeswoman with the firm. They hail from across the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa and are typically 20 or 21 years old and about to begin their senior year of college.

The firm picked their brains on everything from how they keep up with the news to how they manage their spending habits to their favorite social-media apps.

You can see the responses below:

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They’re betting that artificial intelligence and machine learning will have a big impact in the next decade.

They’re already saving for the future.

They’re perhaps surprisingly responsible with their money, with two-thirds saying they would save or invest an extra $1,000.

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