Lexus LX 28

On Monday, Consumer Reports announced the results of their latest Annual Reliability Survey. At the top of the list, Lexus and its parent brand, Toyota, repeated their 1-2 finish from last year’s survey.

The 2017 Consumer Reports Annual Reliability Survey is based on information gathered from the publication’s subscribers who have “owned or leased over half a million vehicles, from model years 2000 to 2016, with a smattering of 2017s, covering more than 300 models.”

In total, 29 brands were ranked in the survey. Consumer Reports categorized the top eight brands as “more reliable” while brands ranked nine through 18 were classified as “reliable.” The 11 brands at the bottom of the rankings were categorized as “less reliable.”

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8. Infiniti: Up 16 spots.

7. Hyundai: Up 2 spots.

6. Mazda: Down 2 spots.

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