Honda’s light-weight aircraft set two separate speed records, the ccompany announced earlier this week.

Called the HondaJet, the aircraft first got approval to fly by the Federal Aviation Administration on December 9 2015, and deliveries began in the US just before Christmas day. Honda has been touting the jet as the fastest in its class, and secured two speed records on flight paths in the US to back up that claim.

The HondaJet broke an existing record for its flight between New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport and Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport with a flight time of two hours and 51 minutes. It also set a record between Boston’s New Bedford Regional Airport and Palm Beach International Airport with a flight time of two hours and 58 minutes.

(However, it’s worth noting that Honda says its jet is the first in its class to achieve the Boston to Palm Beach record.)

Scroll down for a closer look at the HondaJet:

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The HondaJet achieved a maximum ground speed of 478 mph for its flight from New Jersey to Florida at an altitude of 43,000 feet. For its flight between Boston and Palm Beach, the jet reached a maximum ground speed of 486 mph.

The jet’s engines are built over the wings, which reduces the aircraft’s noise emission.

The HondaJet is rated the highest in fuel efficiency in its class, requiring just over 160 gallons of fuel for 600 nautical miles long range cruise. Other jets in its class require between 185 to 200 gallons for the same distance.

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