Ando 14

David Chang’s culinary empire continues to expand.

The influential chef of Momofuku fame launched Ando as a delivery-only concept in New York City in 2016, which received cautiously optimistic, if not tepid, reviews.

Previously, Ando existed only in the virtual world — all orders were placed through the restaurant’s app, and the food was delivered via UberRush.

But now Ando has a foothold in fast-casual reality with an honest-to-goodness brick-and-mortar establishment. 

Business Insider reviewed an early iteration of the delivery service’s menu before, so we decided to head down to experience Ando in person. 

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Ando’s storefront is on 14th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue, just a few blocks from our offices.

The interior is cavernous — a counter and stools line the window wall, and a simple counter with several registers await.

The menu is varied enough to give options without being overwhelming; there’s even a new breakfast menu that’s excluded from the app during the week. The prices are within a reasonable range — at least for an NYC lunch.

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