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Every successful relationship requires compromise, even if you’re heiress, DJ, and entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman. 

Bronfman recently enlisted the help of interior design startup Homepolish to makeover the triplex apartment she shares with her new husband, Brendan Fallis. Bronfman, daughter of billionaire investor Edgar Bronfman Jr., married Fallis in a lavish ceremony in Morocco in May. 

Homepolish designer Michelle Zacks helped the couple to get the den, bedroom, and outdoor space in their dream home ready. 

“Brendan told me early on when I first started working with them that they realized they had slightly different taste when it came to designing their home — he is much more minimal and into neutrals, and she prefers some color,” Zacks said. “I think in the case of Hannah and Brendan, what you see is a true reflection of both their combined styles. They both have a sophisticated point of view and prefer a few really great, key pieces instead of an excessive amount of stuff everywhere.”

Let’s take a look around their new home in New York City’s East Village.

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The apartment is laid out over three stories, and the furniture was sourced by Design Within Reach. The couch is the brand’s Jonas sectional.

Source: Design Within Reach

The den is located on the second floor, while the first floor is home to a living and dining area. Zacks said that the den was one area where the pair’s tastes are simultaneously represented. “The furniture is all minimal modern, but then there is a large piece of artwork behind the sofa in a brilliant blue color,” she said.

Upstairs on the third floor, the bedroom was designed to be completely white.

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