Tesla cybertruck elon musk

The Tesla Cybertruck has arrived!

Regardless of what you think of it — love, hate, fear, whatever — the Cybertruck proves Tesla can add yet another vehicle platform to its current mix of two sedans, two SUVs, a sports car, and a semi truck.

Here are five possibilities for segments that Tesla could take on next:

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A full-size SUV. Think Cadillac Escalade or Lincoln Navigator. With the Cybertruck platform, Tesla could move toward a large, three-row offering.

A convertible. The original Tesla Roadster was a drop-top. No reasons why a cabrio version of the New Roadster couldn’t be on the agenda? Cyber-spyder?

A convertible Cybertruck. The newly launched Land Rover Defender has a “soft roof” option. It wouldn’t be an engineering feat to enable Cybertruckers to enjoy open-air electric motoring. Failing that, a convertible Model Y SUV would have some company in the convertible Range Rover Evoque.

An actual RACE CAR that races against other RACE CARS. Tesla’s, um, track record in official motorsports is terrible, which is to say nonexistent. How about a Tesla effort at Formula E?

A Tesla commercial van. Musk has already indicated the company’s interest and praised the Mercedes Sprinter.

BONUS: An RV! Oh wait … Cybertruck can already do that.