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The 6 worst entry-level jobs for today’s newest graduates (WalletHub)

WalletHub’s latest study investigates the worst and best entry-level jobs for new graduates this spring. Their ranking is based on 11 key metrics including median starting salary, projected job growth by 2024, and median tenure with employer.

The six worst jobs, according to the study, are welder, floor assembler, plumber, boilermaker, carpenter, and tool and die maker.

One thing dragging down inflation might finally start to disappear (Business Insider)

Last year’s strong dollar dragged down inflation and restrained import prices. But this effect may soon start to fade.

“Given that the pace of [the dollar’s] appreciation should moderate this year — our FX strategists anticipate a 6.0% year-over-year clip by the end of 2016 — the dollar drag is likely set to fade, allowing for a gradual uptrend in core PCE inflation,” Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Emanuella Enenajor and Alexander Lin argued in a recent note to clients. 

Stay diversified in this “sideways market” (Advisor Perspectives)

“In [a] sideways market environment marked by large price swings, investors need a way to navigate the round trip of drawdowns followed by recoveries,” wrote Columbia Threadneedle Investments’ Jeffrey Knight.

“Broad diversification is the best tool investors have to influence the efficiency of their portfolios,” he argued. “The combination of milder downside capture and stronger upside capture holds the key to avoiding an investment result no better than ‘all that fun for nothing.'”

One-third of Americans think healthcare costs are the biggest economic burden today (GOBankingRates.com)

31% of American respondents in GOBankingRates.com’s latest survey said that healthcare costs are the most significant economic burden today. Meanwhile, 16% said the biggest burden was Social Security benefits, and 15% said it was income inequality.

“Our study found that ‘healthcare costs’ was chosen as most significant twice as much as the other five financial burdens,” said Kristen Bonner, research lead for GOBankingRates’ Financial Burdens Survey. “Even more alarming, every age group, with the exception of people under 24 years old and people over 65, chose healthcare costs as most significant more than any other factor.”

Hiring millennial advisors is correlated with good growth (FA Magazine)

New research from TD Ameritrade Institutional found that firms employing a millennial advisor saw their assets increase by an average of 20% annually between 2012 and 2014, while those that didn’t employ a millennial only saw increases of 11%, report Karen Demasters and Christopher Robbins.

Moreover, firms with millennials seem to have greater success in attracting new clients, with 10% growth in new client AUM in 2014. By comparison, firms without millennials only reported 5%, according to the study.

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