The US has no shortage of outstanding restaurants that serve everything from flavor-packed amuse-bouches to hand-crafted desserts.

To find the best one that each state (and Washington, DC) has to offer, we sifted through our list of the best restaurants in America, the James Beard award nominations, expert reviews, and local recommendations, paying particular attention to fine-dining establishments.

It wasn’t always what we expected. Turns out, if you’re in need of some hearty food and a menu of vodkas, Portland, Oregon, has one of the best Russian restaurants out there.

Consider this your personal guide to the very best places to eat in your own state. 

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ALABAMA: Highlands Bar and Grill

Location: Birmingham

Chef: Frank and Pardis Stitt

Savory dishes and impeccable service have made Highlands Bar and Grill a favorite in Birmingham since it first opened its doors in 1982.

The iconic spot shifts its menu daily to incorporate fresh, seasonal ingredients — think summers filled with okra soft-shell crab and winters of root vegetables and venison — that merge French techniques with Southern flavors.

ALASKA: Marx Bros. Cafe

Location: Anchorage

Chef: Jack Amon

Freshness is a priority at the Marx Bros. Cafe, where chef Jack Amon updates the menu nightly to reflect fresh seafood offerings. Enjoy creative dishes such as tea-smoked duck or Neapolitan seafood mousse, and be sure to pair each with a glass of wine from the cafe’s extensive list.

ARIZONA: Pizzeria Bianco

Location: Phoenix

Chef: Chris Bianco

At Pizzeria Bianco, James Beard award-winning chef Chris Bianco uses only the freshest ingredients, including Sicilian oregano and homemade mozzarella, to concoct simple yet flavorful pies. More than just a neighborhood pizza joint, this restaurant typically draws an hours-long wait.

As well as launching a new cookbook, Bianco is now opening another restaurant in Los Angeles.


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