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Flying can be a real pain. But for United Airlines’ international travelers with money to spare, a high-end experience awaits them at San Francisco International Airport.

The airline raised the curtain on its new Polaris lounge — only the second of its kind — at SFO’s international terminal on April 30. The business-class clubhouse features a full restaurant and bar, a library, shower suites, and nap pods for weary travelers.

Business Insider got a peak inside United’s Polaris lounge. Here’s what you’re missing.

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For United Airlines international travelers, the premium experience of flying business-class starts before they leave the ground.

Past the reception desk at the Polaris lounge, travelers enter a library area that was quiet but bustling when we visited.

The lounge seating has comfy chairs and privacy boards that, like cubicles, offer fliers privacy to take a call or do sensitive work.

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