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  • Knowing how to get promoted is key if you want more responsibilities.  
  • If you want to get promoted quickly, you’ll need to step up your innovation and problem-solving abilities.
  • Then, prepare a case to your boss about why you deserve a new title. 


If you haven’t gotten that promotion you were hoping for in 2018, don’t fret. There’s still just enough time to get the new title, perks, and pay.

Ramit Sethi, author and founder of, wrote that it can take just three to six months to establish yourself as a top performer in the company.

By keeping an open dialogue with your managers about your ambitions and excelling at your goals, you’ll be in a prime position for a promotion.  

Here is your 24-step plan on how to get a promotion: 

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First, understand that you can’t get promoted just because you’ve been there for a while

The fact that you put in a few years at a certain company doesn’t mean you’re automatically eligible for a promotion. You’ll need to show that you add value to the company.

“After a certain amount of time, employees just expect a promotion, but they don’t stop to think if they really are effective,” wrote Thuy Sindell and Milo Sindell, the principals of Skyline Group, in Entrepreneur.


Instead, demonstrate that you deserve a promotion by being a leader today

Owning your projects is a key way to show you’re already a leader. 

Show your bosses that you’re able to lead and inspire your coworkers by being able to independently come up with and complete major and minor projects. 

“Organizations place a premium on individuals who follow through on tasks,” Kyle Wong of Pixlee told The Muse. “If you can prove that you can consistently own projects from start to finish, you will not only get promoted, but you’ll also make yourself indispensable.”

Figure out what needs improvement in the company, and address it

Solving the problems that others shy away from is a great way to quickly get promoted, James Caan, CEO of Hamilton Bradshaw, wrote in a LinkedIn post.

Look at where the inefficiencies or problems in your company are, Caan wrote. Then, focus your efforts on improving those areas.

“Every manager is impressed by self-starters, and somebody who takes the initiative in areas where the business may be weak is putting themselves high up the list for a promotion,” Caan wrote.

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